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EcoSmart fireplace by EcoGreen Fire – a ventless fireplace that is green

A small compact fire, the EcoSmart fireplace is easy to maintain and install. A new ventless fire, the EcoSmart fire is perfect for apartments. A modular design the open flame can be set in virtually any surface, for a sophisticated and elegant effect. A stunning accent that adds a fabulous and dynamic character to a room, the EcoSmart fireplace offers a selection of grates and surrounds that complement a range of modern interiors. By burning Denatured Ethanol, the EcoSmart offers a clean burn and requires no utility connection. The renewable fuel source is simply burned until empty, at which point it may simply be refilled. Virtually maintenance free, EcoGreen Fire have created a flexible, dramatic and eco-friendly fireplace that offers the beauty of live fire wherever you desire.


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