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Eco-friendly Fireplaces with built-in LCD TV – Safretti ‘Double Vision’

Two often-competing but equally essential living room pieces come together with eco features built right in – the Safretti “Double Vision” eco-friendly fireplace with LCD TV brings you the best of both worlds. These ethanol fireplaces designed by Jan Des Bouvrie are a great addition to the modern home, featuring a contemporary mirrored face and also available in black and white finishes that suit every taste. A contemporary, rounded-rectangular window frames the charming and warming eco-friendly ethanol flames beautifully. Above the flickering firebox, enjoy your favorite shows and movies. The Double Vision fireplace comes in two sizes: 155x130x16cm with a 37″ TV, and 166x150x16cm with a 47″ TV. For more info visit Safretti.



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