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The Dreamer by Peace Bicycles is a Dream Come True

This bike takes me back to a time when life was simpler. When air was cleaner. And time stood still when I rode my bike. Introducing The Dreamer by Peace Bicycles of Los Angeles.
It looks simpler. But that doesn’t mean we’re back to three speeds. All models are equipped with seven-speed transmission, pot hole busting balloon tires and most importantly, a frame design that requires you to ride upright. So your posture is proper and your back won’t hurt. It has a spring-loaded seat and riser handlebars – this ride could not be more pimped for comfort. We all know that mountain bikes may look cool, but they aren’t meant for city riding. Plus you have to change your clothes when you get where you’re going and that’s a drag. I prefer to look cool on my bike.

These bikes are not for the spandex-wearing couriers, perhaps, but they’d be a lot more comfortable if they did swap out their rides. Crouching over all day is only going to make you look like Quasimodo, eventually. But this isn’t just an ergonomic cruising bike, it’s a dream urban commuting bike – one that allows you to dress for “the destination, not the ride”. There are spoke guards, chain guards and fenders – remember those? But what all these guards mean is that you can wear your Hugo Boss suit, your Versace dress – just kidding, but you can wear anything you want from cocktail to business attire, from beachwear to formal wear, and your clothes will be protected. And you’ll look good getting there!
There’s a Kickstarter campaign for the production of The Dreamer bicycle and there are two models available: the straight-bar and the step-through, with a variety of color choices (silver or black for the straight-bar, peach, sea-foam, creme or black for the ladies step-through model). The Kickstarter project gets you a bike (or two, depending on your level of commitment) at a discount, and there are other smaller contributions that earn things like t-shirts and posters. And you’ll be helping a young company that is trying to encourage environmental sustainability by offering a product that is both earth-friendly and sexy. It’s a winning combination and deserves to be rewarded. This project comes highly recommended.
All models come fully dressed with safety and comfort features like front and back lights, brass designer bell, reflector strips and pedals with rubber pads to protect your shoes – or allow you to ride barefoot. The 3D metal headbadge, color matching seat and grips and a beautiful paint job give this ride a high-end vintage look. And they’re relatively light-weight at just 34 pounds.
Bicycle commuting for urban dwellers is a trend that’s gaining rapid adoption, especially on the west coast. And at just $699 promotional price, a Peace Bicycle won’t kill your pocketbook the way a Budnitz or Tmars might. (Plus, remember, some other deserving person gets a bike too, courtesy of your purchase.) They’re sustainable transportation, you can look good getting there, feel good about helping another and you get some exercise. Not to mention a trip down memory lane. Priceless.
And you can be part of it at all at Kickstarter or see Peace Bicycles for more information. Happy commuting!
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