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Welcome to the Club: Tom Dixon Style

Tom Dixon’s latest line of luminaries, bar accessories and a chair was born from the years he spent in clubs and is appropriately named: Club. A former musician, he’ll be picking his bass up again soon but in the meantime, he’s created a collection of armchairs, lighting, and accessories (like cocktail shakers) that is to die for. How retro is this? The mirrored gold finish is pure 60s, as are the shape of the lights. And it all fits together so well – we can almost taste the Grasshoppers and Brandy Alexanders. Imagine a blonde in a gold sequin dress with Marilyn Monroe hair standing in the room – it’s perfect! The gold metallic theme in this series harkens back to the old boy’s clubs in London and transports us instantly. And the rounded lines just flow, don’t they? A talented musician and designer – he could also reinvent himself as a set decorator in the film industry. Did you know he does design fashion for Adidas, and full restaurants as well? Little wonder that he could come up with such a perfect collection, given his versatility. Well done, old chap, well done.

Tom Dixon’s Club series is retro and futuristic at the same time.
More information: Tom Dixon


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