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Decorative Mirror Radiators – Double Fassane Mirror Radiator by Acova

At one time radiators were a necessary evil. Obviously they were required, but they seriously hampered good interior design. In recent years companies like Acova have been pushing the design of radiators to fully integrate them into our homes. With the Double Fassane Mirror Radiator, Acova have created a fantastic radiator for the foyer and bathroom. The Double Fassane Mirror Radiator has five full-length flattened heating-tubes to maximise the heat output. Framed between these tubes is a 180 x 29 cm mirror. In foyers and bathrooms a full-length mirror is a necessity, allowing you that last quick check before you rush out the door. Available in 43 colours and 7 metallic shades the Fassane can add a splash of brilliant colour or subtly blend in to any room. Add any of Acova’s radiator accessories, like coat hooks and towel rails, and the Fassane take on function as well as beauty. The Double Fassane is fabulous item that adds convenience and modern style; with it Acova have revolutionised radiator design.


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