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Dornbracht shower fixtures – the new WaterSheet, WaterFall and SideRain

Another shower fixtures collection by Sieger Design, the new WaterSheet, WaterFall and SideRain focus on making bathing a natural and sensual experience. A part of the Dornbracht Balance Modules, the fixtures capture water in its natural forms. From flowing streams to plummeting falls and sprinkling rain the Dornbracht shower fixtures wrap you in sensual fluid textures. Each fixture attempts to transform bathing into a soul revitalising ritual, that soothes both mind and body. In the WaterFall an open channel directs water into a plummeting stream to the power you desire. The WaterSheet in contrast releases a leaping stream of water from a wide, narrow spout for a thin sheet of beautiful water. Finally the SideRain features several square plates each with 20 fine jets to wrap you in a fine mist of rain and massage skin on all sides. With clean minimalist designs, the Dornbracht shower fixtures tempt your senses with fluid textures and effects.


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