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Dornbracht Kitchen Zones – new concept of space from Dornbracht

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Professional chefs, or those who simply possess a deep-rooted love of cooking, cannot fail to appreciate the new concept of space expressed by Dornbracht Kitchen Zones. Finally, using the idea of Zones, the normal commercial practice of having separate locations for different applications is now possible in residential kitchens. No longer is it necessary to use just one sink for all the different kitchen essentials of washing dishes, preparing ingredients, filling pans… an overwhelming range of tasks. The Kitchen Zones Preparation Set (above) includes two wide sinks to make preparation a dream. There is a shallow sink with a special ‘Profi’ spray which is ideal for rinsing food, and the second sink is extra deep for tasks such as rinsing lettuce. The Kitchen Zones Cleaning Set puts the attention on washing the dishes, providing the powerful ‘Profi’ spray, and also a separate single-lever mixer tap in the second basin for quickly filling the sink. Finally, the Kitchen Zones Universal Set is designed for the best functionality in the smallest space. In kitchens where you can totally separate your work processes, you can still enjoy the convenience of a shallow food preparation basin and a deep multipurpose basin. Organise your kitchen space to achieve your ultimate results and enjoyment with the Dornbracht Kitchen Zones.
Dornbracht Cleaning Set

Dornbracht Universal Set


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