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Designer Table Lamp from Axolight – Subzero lamp by designer Manual Vivian, with Bohemia crystal

The Subzero lamp design by Manual Vivian is a designer table lamp from Axolight that will positively illuminate your home with its timeless allure. The sumptuous design centres on a cluster of pure Bohemia crystal, which adds an intriguing icy opulence to this designer table lamp. There is something wonderfully organic about the crystals, they look as if they had formed naturally on the Subzero lamp over many millennia. Yet, combined with the gorgeous colored shades in chrome, red, white and vanilla, the lamp design is celebratory rather than chilling. The depths of the crystal reflect light and the chrome-plated base shines magnificently. Unique and elegant, the Subzero lamp design is presented by Axolight.


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