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Designer Radiator from Carisa – warm up your imagination!

The De Luxe designer radiator collection from Carisa takes the concept of radiators in the realm of gorgeous, functional art. Surprising and intriguing, the designer radiators cannot fail to become focal points that warm the heart, as well as the body. It is certainly possible to reflect your personality through the De Luxe collection – the shape of the radiator can speak volumes about your preferences. A musician would love the charming harp-shaped ‘Adagio’, likewise, the ‘Unique’ style which resembles organ pipes could add a festive touch. The ‘April’ radiator is a gorgeous chunky free-standing style, whereas the futuristic ‘Turquoise’ is mounted on the wall, and would be suitable for those who dream of the final frontier. For a designer radiator that adds individuality to your home, contact Carisa.


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