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Designer Glass Panels by Joel Berman Glass Studio – Ellise

Joel Berman Glass Studio makes designer glass panels that are sure to enhance the context of any contemporary space, especially Ellise – their newest design. It has an unusual wavy design defined by large embossed transparent elliptical shapes – sure to make a beautiful statement wherever it may be involved. What’s great about glass panels in general, is that they can be used in so many applications – as many as your creativity will allow. They can be used to create wall panels, room dividers, sculptures, doors, staircases, backsplashes – in the kitchen, the bathroom or even in your bedroom, and they can be used just as imaginatively indoors as in your garden! And Ellise is sure to get those creative juices flowing when you see it. Be sure to check out Joel Berman Glass Studio for more information about this and other kiln-cast and pressure formed textured designer glass panels.


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