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Daring design ideas for small bathrooms

Having a shortage of floor space does not mean your room has to be boring, in fact, it gives you a bigger reason to go daring with your décor. If you have always wanted to spruce up your décor yet didn’t know exactly how to do so, it’s time to step out your comfort zone and try something new. Here are a few ideas to help you along the way.

Palm Trees

When it comes to using a palm tree wallpaper you want to use it throughout the entire room to help the room feel grand.

If you are ever on the market for wallpaper with a bold pattern, palm trees are the way to go. Not only are they bold and make a statement, but they add an abundance of texture that is not as easy to showcase otherwise. Think of your palm tree wallpaper like the one statement piece you are sure to fall in love with time and time ago.

Black & White

Take your white and black wallpaper up a notch by having the rest of your decor match your wallpaper for a seamless approach.

Another form of bringing color and appeal to a room is to add a black and white touch to it. Whether that be with a wallpaper that seamlessly weaves the two hues together or you showcase a tile wall with the two having a black and white display adds a luxurious feel.

Clawfoot Tub

Even if you have a standing shower, adding a small clawfoot tub can make the difference in your bathroom, that is very much needed.

Regardless of how small your bathroom is, it can always make great use of a change of tub. Your tub can sometimes feel overbearing or even outdated if you have yet to change it in quite some time. If this is the case, consider a smaller clawfoot tub and allow it to be one of the focal points of the room. Consider a metal tub to bring color while dating that daring hint of décor.

Seamless Marble

There is just something about marble that feels luxurious while still being easy on the eye. Think of it as the perfect way of adding elegance while still being modern to the room.

One of the best things you can do for a smaller space is to use the same color, pattern throughout this is where marble will come into play. Not only is marble, beautiful to look at, but it works in a smaller room due to how expanding it can be. The key is working with the size of the room and having a seamless, coordinated approach with marble. You want to have as much marble in the space as possible for that larger than life feel.


Adding a plant or two for an extra dose of character and color to your ultra-minimalist bathroom.

Believe it or not, minimal décor can be quite daring. The main reason for this being, having only your necessities forces the room to come forward and become the main focus. The key is working with an ultra-minimalist approach. What this means is you work with light hues and the geographic bits the room already has to offer. Add a plant or two to add bits of organic in the space.

Keep it Neutral

When it comes to neutrals you want to work with planks or tiles in order to add some sort of character to the room without adding additional color.

Do not be afraid of going full on neutral when it comes to your smaller bathroom. Neutrals traditionally, get a bad rep because of their simple feel; however, when you add bits of fun pieces such as cool tiles, or a grandiose wallpaper. Furthermore, consider having your vanity be a bit smaller inside.

Ambitious Vanity

If you have enough room, consider having a double vanity that brings your large vanity to the next level with a grandiose twist.

If you’re worried about the size of your vanity, do not fret. Having a large vanity can do wonders to a room when you have the right balance. When having an ambitious vanity, you want to make sure the rest of your décor is simple and truly gives the vanity the focus it deserves.

Abundance of Florals

When selecting what floral wallpaper to use in the bathroom, consider wallpaper with large flowers to allow the room to feel fresh and airy.

Florals are great in any room when you want to have a hint of feminine that does not overshadow what you already have in the room. Work with a large floral wallpaper to truly enhance the feel of the room while having a welcoming feel. There is something about a floral wallpaper that brings that bold touch right where you need it. Plus, there’s a flirty aspect to it that truly adds an intricate aspect to a smaller space.

Mix & Match Tiles

Having contrasting tiles allows you to have the ability to find two or more hues that work well together and allowing them to make a statement.

Tiles are great for adding personality to a room, not only do they work great in any room, but they come in numerous different styles and colors to choose from. Consider mixing and matching two different tile colors for a playful twist that’s still fun yet oh so charming.

Large Mirror

Consider having your large mirror take up the entire wall above your sink to bring as much light into your bathroom as possible, for an expansive yet simple feel. 

Large mirrors are great for a small room because they have an expansive feel. If you’re not fond of mirrored walls this is a great way to achieve the same look. The key is working with a large mirror that brings additional light to the room.

How do you decorate your small bathroom? Please share with us your personal preferences below.


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