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Decorative Sheet Metal Partition by De Castelli

decorative-sheet-metal-partition-de -castelli-1-reflection.jpg
Foscari is a sheet metal partition that takes its muse from the Renaissance details within stoles worn by Venetian dignitaries. Albino Celato has reinterpreted this historical detail and given us Foscari, a contemporary partition of either polished stainless steel or sheet metal with a polished black or painted finish. While the classic detail dates back to the Renaissance, it has made appearances throughout modern history in both furnishings and fashion and Celato’s version is but the latest – and possibly the best reinterpretation. The crisp lines of the metal allow for a fantastic shadow display as light travels through the partition and the reflective surface of the metal creates a stunning mirror reveal of items placed close by.

decorative-sheet-metal-partition-de -castelli-2-connections.jpg
Each metal plate consists of one complete detail and is connected in four locations to the surrounding metal plates via small S hooks. The holes the S hooks connect to, are strategically located to become part of the overall detail when left exposed. This clever use of detail turned function is a vital part of the overall design. With the connector holes able to remain unused, the partition can be customized to any size for any location.
decorative-sheet-metal-partition-de -castelli-3-silhouette.jpg
The silhouette of the detail is intricate and exciting and even one metal plate would make a great addition to a small void but the impact made by a full partition is what makes this design special. Whether the positive shapes of the plates or the negative shapes created by light and shadow, the Foscari from De Castelli is a perfect choice for any classic or contemporary interior.
De Castelli


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