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Decorative door hardware by Martin Pierce – the luxury exotic Lizard door pulls

Decorative door hardware by Martin Pierce can make a great first impression, whether someone is opening the door to your home, your room, or even your cabinet. Designed for high-end homes, these luxury door pulls will turn decorative door hardware into a vital part of your decor and make your guests to say ‘wow’. With elegant and exotic styles like the lizard line of pulls, knobs, levers, and turn pieces, simple door styles can be transformed into something sophisticated and full of flair. Lizard pulls, for example, add an unexpected touch to your doors, making entrants feel as though they are being transported to another time and place. These bold pulls, measuring a substantial 5 ½” W x 18 ½” H (right pull) and 20″ H (left pull), feature two highly detailed lizards perched upon rocks – a sight that is sure to make a strong design statement. These and all other models are available in a variety of finishes that are divided into three general categories: oil rubbed bronze, hot patina bronze, and stainless steel. Pricing for the lizard pull set ranges from $7,666 to $9,240, based on the finish selected. Additional pricing and product information is available at Martin Pierce.


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