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Decorating with Red Chairs

decorating with red chairs 2 Decorating with Red Chairs
If you are decorating with red chairs, consider this clever and unique idea. Notice how against the achromatic scheme, the red swan chair beside the bed really stands out, but thanks to the wall graphic over the bed, the chair seems to belong to its surroundings. The graphic reflects the colors of the room and adds to the impact. The red chairs complement each other. Yet, the graphic is quite organic and raw in contrast to the sleek lines of this modern room. It gives the room an interesting artsy feel. Without the graphic, it would look like the red chair was an afterthought, chosen simply to make the room more interesting and to add some color. But with the graphic, both these accent pieces have purpose and it seems that they inspired each other. This room shows how connecting a single bold item to artwork (or vise-versa) encourages a distinctive decor scheme.

decorating with red chairs 1 Decorating with Red Chairs



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