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Decorating with Pale Grey is the Latest Urban Trend

minimalist interior in pale palette makes the views%20pop 1 thumb 630xauto 45860 Decorating with Pale Grey is the Latest Urban Trend

Seeking some serenity in the big city? Check out the soothing suite interior in the W Boutique Tower, located in Tel Aviv, Israel. The designers at Ando Studio incorporated a pale palette of white and grey for a cool, elegant aesthetic that is the polar opposite of the steamy, bustling city outside. Understated architectural features like high ceilings, expansive windows and an open concept layout invite bright natural light and extend sight lines far beyond the home’s walls. Low-profile “flop” couches and built-in shelving keep the space simple, letting the view speak for itself. This contemporary suite is all about space and air – lots of it. Scroll on to see more.

minimalist interior in pale palette makes the views%20pop 2 thumb 630xauto 45862 Decorating with Pale Grey is the Latest Urban Trend

The rich, grainy wood coffee table brings an organic element to this minimalist living space.

minimalist-interior-in-pale-palette-makes-the-views pop-3.jpg

The bar stools lining the range and prep area remind us of a swanky Japanese resto – pull up and seat and watch the show! Beyond the culinary action, the city skyline sits on the horizon.

minimalist-interior-in-pale-palette-makes-the-views pop-4.jpg

The dining area strays from the minimalist principles of the home’s design, revealing a collection of sculptures and art adorning the walls. Looming over it all, a modern draped chandelier commands your attention.

minimalist-interior-in-pale-palette-makes-the-views pop-5.jpg

A mini gallery of favorite pieces on display.

minimalist-interior-in-pale-palette-makes-the-views pop-6.jpg

This restful room features a low-rider bed and a glazed wall framing the city. The room itself is cool and crisp – like a freshly laundered pair of sheets.

minimalist-interior-in-pale-palette-makes-the-views pop-7.jpg

Sliding glass doors separate the ensuite bath while maintaining an open dialogue with the sleeping area, while leaving the sight-lines open to the view.

minimalist-interior-in-pale-palette-makes-the-views pop-8.jpg

Another bedroom falls somewhere between playful and posh. Fun features include a colored rug underfoot and a cartoon character perched before the floor-to-ceiling window. The sophistication comes in the form of cool white window sheers and integrated ceiling lighting.

minimalist-interior-in-pale-palette-makes-the-views pop-9.jpg

We particularly love the intricate, delicate snowflake detail adorning the wall. Despite tiny pops of color and personality in the form of art and furniture, the while space speaks volumes in this minimalist interior.
Ando Studio



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