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Dancing Squares Lamps from Luminaire

Japanese design house Nendo has created motion with these Dancing Squares lights – they seem to move while stationary. Created by bending flat steel into spheres, they cast light and shapes in different directions. Available in small, medium or large, the accompanying cord can be used to turn the piece into a pendant, table or floor lamp. Originally created for a private exhibition in Singapore, they have recently been put into production for retail sales. And we’re delighted. Playing with shape and light, they’ve created a circle out of squares. Nendo delights in creating pieces that amaze and astound and they’ve done it again. These pieces are already beautiful simply as sculpture, before you turn them on. But with the addition of light, the magic happens – with illusion and shadow. A true work of art, as well as a source of light – built to exacting standards. That’s Nendo for you.

More information: Luminaire


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