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Curved wall house with forest views in the city

It’s dubbed Forest House in the City, and though this Tokyo, Japan house is not technically a forest home, its many windows overlooking lush landscaping truly make it feel as though it’s off in the woods. But that’s not to say this unusual home is without its modern edge. Japanese architecture firm Studio Velocity created this curved wall house with a bright white facade and lots of glazing that invites the indoors out. This live work house puts the work space on the main floor, offering easy access for comers and goers, and living rooms upstairs for privacy and the ultimate in views. Here’s the tour.

The trees surrounding this urban house plan truly create a sense of peaceful isolation in this densely populated urban core – not an easy feat!
Large windows and glass doors offer instant access into this green city garden, while flooding interiors with natural sunlight.
The home’s interiors have a certain charm without compromising its contemporary style. The lower level houses a work space, with private living areas upstairs. Wood floors add a warm, earthy quality. We love the chandelier suspended over the desk, and the old-school clock mounted to the wall, so you know the second it’s quitting time! The glass double doors swing open onto the garden and alfresco sitting area.
A cool spiral staircase winds its way up through the house, offering a means to access the upper level while also letting natural light spill down to the lower floor. Open risers allow light and views to spill through, unhindered.
The upper floor features high ceilings and tall windows to invite the green scenes in.
The glazed corner provides the perfect spot to sit and enjoy the view!
And for a closer look of the outdoors, step out onto the circular balcony overlooking the garden and the city.
Here’s how the work and living spaces are organized inside:
Here’s how the architects incorporated home and garden:
Studio Velocity


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