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Crystal Chandelier from Hart Associates

hart associates crystal chandelier 4273 Crystal Chandelier from Hart Associates
For an understated glamour, the Hart Associates Crystal Chandelier offers the sophistication and accent of the traditional chandelier in a simplified modern style. Draped with long chains of clear and amber small crystal beads, the Crystal Chandelier shines without being ostentatious. Carved crystal teardrops dangle enticingly from each ‘candle’ adding a balance and weight to the illuminating ring. Four clear crystal spires lend height and majesty, while a crystal globe hangs at the bottom. The chandelier uses the natural hang of bead chains to create a graceful and elegant shape. Finished in a silver wash brass, the Crystal Chandelier from Hart Associates supports 16 candelabra bulb that will enlighten any room with modern glamour. The price is $8,010



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