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Creative Solutions for Small Loft Apartment

With this Flatiron District project, The Apt presents some creative solutions for a small loft apartment. It’s basically one room with a small separate space for the bathroom, which is situated behind the kitchen. The kitchen, bedroom, living and dining rooms, or rather spaces, must coexist in close quarters. The first noteworthy idea is putting the bed on an elevated platform, which instantly defines the area from the others – important in an open plan. The curtains can then be closed all the way around the platform to isolate the room for more definition, more privacy. It’s nice to go to bed and put the rest of the environment away for real peace of mind. The curtains, when closed, also provide an interesting backdrop for that ceiling hung television – the tv being the next noteworthy idea. We’re not sure if it rotates around towards the bedroom, but that would be cool! Either way, it’s a nice alternative to a regular wall mount, leaving the walls free for art, decor (see those magazine racks!) and large built in storage units. The kitchen is beautifully built in. They did a really great job of keeping the space open, flowing, organized and efficient – all with super style.
via The Apt.



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