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Deck Your Home with These Creative Christmas Décor

The holidays are right around the corner! Does anyone else feel as if this year has somehow stopped time, but pushed it forward as well? Furthermore, there are two types of people when it comes to holiday decorating, those that decorate right after Halloween and those that wait a few days after Thanksgiving. We are all about decorating right now! This year is a bit weird and maybe our décor should be a bit different too. The following creative Christmas décor is sure to bring your home back to life.

Low-Maintenance Repetition

The more minimal your holiday decor is the grander the appeal it will have in the room. It’s all about making the room come to life without having to overtake the decor you already have.

Consider the act of repetition as one of the easiest ways of making a statement. Making a statement works due to making the room come to life with a bold act. It’s all about taking whatever decorative bits you have an enhancing them. You want to display your low-maintenance, repetitive items in an open space so the entire room feels put together and chic.

Rose Colored

Pair your rose gold bits with bronze or gold to give it the main focus it deserves while being charming and feminine.


We all know red and green are your typical Christmas palette, that doesn’t mean they’re the only shades you can work with. In fact, due to this year being so “different” it’s time to shake up your décor and go for a rose appeal. Using shades of rose works due to being a bit chicer and feminine. Working with a feminine palette makes the space feel festive and fresh.

Laundry Room

For your laundry room consider smaller Christmas trees that provide that holiday cheer without going overboard.

Do not minimize your décor to only your living room and dining room space, share it throughout your entire home. Furthermore, bring it to unexpected spaces such as the laundry room and what the room takes on a new life. When it comes to taking your laundry room to the next level keep everything clean and crisp, meaning you want to use bold shades of green. Having an abundant display of greenery will give it a chic appeal while still being put together and festive.

Let it, Snow- on your dining table

The chicer you make your decor the grander the appeal of the room will be. It’s all about enhancing the appeal of having a white Christmas.

The holidays tend to make your dining table become the main focus. However, we all know Christmas can be white, blue, or the traditional red and green. For this idea, it’s time to take it to the next level and bring in winter white. Use a variety of white hues, creams, ivory, and hints of silver for a clean look. Pair them with vibrant greenery to emphasize the crisp appeal of the room. Use multiple size ranges for a quirky touch.

Get Glamourous

If you do not want to add any kind of decor to your wreath consider only having string lights with a glittery touch.

A wreath is always a good idea for the holidays, it’s a statement piece that is always well-known and loved. This time we are keeping the wreath, but going chicer and more glamourous. The way to do such a thing is by adding a glittery touch. Adorn a traditional wreath with glittered baubles, funky touches, or even light strands. It’s about going overboard with a charming eloquent aspect.

Christmas Kitchen

When going about your Christmas kitchen keep it minimal but with a colorful element. We recommend bringing in wreaths in a rich shade of green.

As stated above, you want to take your holiday décor and sprinkle it throughout the home. Filling your kitchen with holiday cheer is all about making the space have hints of appeal. The key is keeping it charming and minimal, add a wreath and a few red hints to add color without taking it too far.

Tree Me, Please

The grander your Christmas tree, the bolder your decor will feel. It’s about taking your decor to the next level with a daring aspect.

The biggest accent piece you can add to any home is a beautiful Christmas tree. With that being said, go big or go home! You want your tree to be as daring and charming as possible, so decorate as much as you can to make a bold impact. Working with large ornaments can easily take a tree from simple and cute too large and in charge instantly. Add a few small hints to work the room effortlessly.

Keep it Modern

If you don’t want to work with garland consider keeping your tree minimal and effortless.

Working with a nonchalant style instantly makes a room feel modern. The idea is to work with bits of Christmas décor and keeping them open. You never want to overcrowd the room. Tightly wrap garland around banners and have them become the focus of the space with neutral hues. Neutral bits make a more elegant approach while still being extremely up to date and festive. It’s an easier way of keeping the home charming while still being very holiday-inspired.

Neutral Mantle

Just because it’s time to razzle-dazzle with your décor doesn’t mean neutral hues aren’t in. You don’t have to worry about having holly plaid accents, sometimes all you need is to work with neutral festive hues. Neutral hints make a room feel elegant without taking away from the décor you already have. It’s almost as if these bits will instantly refresh the room, without having to be all over the place. Your mantle is the perfect space for this approach.

Buffalo Check

Use an array of buffalo check decor to make the room feel as universally charming as possible.

Buffalo check is one of those decorating styles that simply makes sense. It enhances the room while being festive and appealing. You can almost say this pattern can enhance the room no matter what decorative aspect you have. Pair with neutral shades when you want to have the check print to make the main focus or work with bold hues when you want the space to feel charming and eclectic.

Working with a creative aspect for any holiday it’s all about making the room feel chic. These ideas are just as charming as they’re unique. Which of these is your favorite? Share with us your thoughts in the comments below.





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