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Creative Basement Bedroom Revamp Ideas

Say goodbye to dark, dreary basements and say hello to a completely new revamp. Revamping your basement can remove the stigma of a scary place and give you an extra room for guests, a baby nursery, or a man cave. Furthermore, it can become the perfect space to unwind, or if you read our meditation guide you can make it into the retreat of your dreams. Here are a few creative ideas to revamp your basement bedroom.

Light & Bright

When it comes to creating a light and airy space you want to keep the space as chic as possible.

Since the basement tends to have a dark element embedded in it, why not completely revamp the space by bringing a light and airy approach? There is something about light décor that simply makes everything seem larger. There is a natural expansive feel when it comes to your décor. Use bright white paint for your walls and work in a few wood elements for a cozy appeal. Think of it as the best of both worlds, you get brightness with just hint of rustic charm. Bring in a large bed and allow that to be the main focus.

Nautical Theme

Bring in bits of wood, for the perfect approach that feels as nautical as possible.

While most of us know of a nautical theme not all of us will use it. Whether that be due to not liking the idea of having these traditional hues or not knowing exactly how to execute them, the key is going all-aboard with it and immersing yourself in its charm. Work with an open floor plan, extravagant geometric patterns, and bold red and white hues that seamlessly showcase a powerful nautical approach. Envision a large statement wall and work around it for a bold emphasis on what you have created.

Make it Edgy

Bring in industrial bits to make the edgy touch truly feel lively and charming without removing the edge to the room.

If you truly want to embrace the basement, make it edgy. Nothing screams new room, quite like going with the flow the space already has. Work with dark shades of gray, rich charcoal and even burgundy to bring a contrasting charm that seamlessly works in the rooms favor. This works great if your basement is a bit smaller and needs that edgy twist. Bring in warm lights to provide the room with a welcoming effect.

Keep it Clean

Add bits of navy, to ensure you get the most out of the room without breaking your neutral appeal. It’s all about enhancing the neutral twist of the room.

Just like some rooms can make great use of darker hues, others are intended to be chic and charming with clean lines. When it comes to using clean lines, you want to consider a country rustic approach. What this means is you want to use neutral shades of beige, white, and a whole lot of wood. Furthermore, bring in a bold headboard to ensure the room has a focal point that embraces the idea of using clean lines overall.

Color Influence

Bring in a few beds to truly emphasize the idea of having patterns and an open space with a charming aesthetic.

Bring your personality to the forefront of your décor by having a room filled with color. It’s all about making your character the core of the room, bring in a few patterns that truly speak to you and work around them. Doing so creates this moment of personality that easy to feel throughout the entire square footage of the room. Use patterns that scream at you and enable them to be the main appeal of the overall space. Think of it as the perfect way of allowing your imagination to fun wild.

Wallpaper, Please

Consider using stripes when it comes to wallpapers to fully enhance the room while creating an elongating aesthetic.

Do not be afraid of wallpaper. Though many tend to have a vengeance against wallpaper due to not knowing how to work with it, its one of the best pieces of décor you can incorporate into any room. Endure the beauty of having a floral wallpaper or one with a unique pattern to give the room a chic contrast that you will enjoy for many months to come. With that being said, it is very important to take note that the wallpaper you use will have to be so loved you wouldn’t mind seeing it day in and day out. Furthermore, consider an accent wall so you aren’t overwhelmed with the pattern.

Make it a Studio

Give the room a chic, appeal by adding a living room feel that almost seamlessly gives the room a separate apartment appeal.

Why not have the studio you have always wanted to have, by simply working with comfortable décor. Bring in a large bed, a sofa, a coffee table, and even a small library to bring forth your vision. This room will feel like a small treasure inside of your home that feels almost disconnected and chic. It’s the perfect space for guests as it allows them to be in your home yet not feel overwhelmed with being directly in your space.

Think Wood

Add as much wood as possible to truly enable the cozy touch of the room.

Who truly isn’t in love with the idea of having wood everywhere? Wood has become one of those elements that easily and simply loved in any and every aspect. Whether you work with blonde wood, gray wood, black wood, or even mahogany, you want to make sure it is felt throughout the entire room. Most if not all of your furniture pieces should have a wood finish to them for the ultimate approach.

Don’t Forget a Fireplace

The grander your fireplace the better the room will appear. It’s all about making the room come to life with a warming touch.

Anyone who has ever resided in a basement knows this particular space in a home tends to be chilly. Reason why we love the idea of bringing in a fireplace. Doing so will not only remove the chilly aspect of the space but it will add an extra dose of cozy. Having a cozy touch works great when you want to create a getaway vibe in the room. Allow your fireplace to feel as authentic to the space as possible, by placing it by the bed giving it that charm and ethereal ambiance we all know and love.

Add a Staircase

Consider using a minimal stair display for a more minimal approach. It’s one of the easiest forms of bringing a bold appeal that is also minimal and easy on the eye.

If your basement has a unique entrance or you can’t seem to have an entrance that doesn’t feel like it belongs in a bodega, its time to add a staircase. But not just any staircase, you want to add a staircase that feels grand. It’s all about making a bold entrance without having to overwhelm the room. Consider a large staircase with a wood finish for the perfect blend of bold and daring. Furthermore, you could also use a modern stairway for a chic twist.

Have you been considering revamping your basement? If so, share with us your ideas below.


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