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Creating a Summer corner with a Contemporary Deck

Summer is officially here, which means most of us will be spending an abundance of time outdoors. This is exceptionally true for those that own an outdoor deck. The deck is essential to many due to needing an intimate area that is personal and calming yet stylish and fun. To bring the best out of a room, consider having a contemporary deck. Having a contemporary style will bring the most out of your square footage without taking away from it. Here is our take on contemporary deck ideas that are perfect for entertaining guests at any time for the day.

A Play on Hardwood

Pair your wood with marble to upgrade the look of your deck. Doing so brings fun twist right where you need it.

The type of hardwood you use on your deck is important, particularly if you want to bring a cozy touch to your outdoor space. When it comes to wood you want to play with multiple different kinds. Doing so will allow the space to feel different and fun while still bringing strength and durability to the forefront of your décor. The darker your wood the warmer your deck area will area, meanwhile, the lighter your wood the more subtle the unique feature will be.

Bring on the Greenery

The key to displaying greenery is having an array of different plants. The different plants create the right amount of ambiance while giving off-color.

While the deck is notorious for being a part away from most greenery items in your outdoor décor, it can work exceptionally well. In order to bring more greenery to your decor, you want to go for a visual wonderland. This is ideal for those that want to have a garden appeal even as part of their deck. Furthermore, bring on a new type of design by blending both worlds together.

Fire pits Anyone?

A modern twist will come to your deck by having a contemporary fire pit. Having a unique fire pit will create a sense of personality right where you need it.

Keep your surrounding on your deck as simple yet authentic to the space as possible. What this means is you want to keep the area neutral with little to no additives, yet with just the right amount of décor. Additionally, consider getting the most out of your décor by adding a fire pit. Fire pits are great because they bring a cozy touch right when and where you need it.

Spotlight Your Pool

Make the biggest impact in your deck area by having your pool the main focus of the room. You want to showcase as much of your pool as possible.

One way to make your pool the spotlight of your backyard is to bring stark focus to it. The key is decluttering your décor and bringing classic focus to your room. This can be done by naturally bringing a focus point to your pool. Furthermore, consider having a fun pool design. A fun pool design works because it helps you recreate your design by having it flow around the pool, not around the décor you already have.

Pale Hues

Keep your palette in the same family for a crisp and clear cohesive outlook.

The paler the hues the better! You want your deck to feel almost as if it was inside of your home, that is where the paler hues will come into play. Additionally, you want to have as many neutral accents, as possible without taking away from the shades that are flowing naturally in your outer décor. You want to bring indoor décor, outdoors for that stark appeal that makes the room feel as intimate and relaxing as possible.

Intimate Feel

Bring a sofa to your deck for that classic intimacy that feels almost like your living room.

To bring an intimate feel to your deck you want to use cozy furniture. The cozier your furniture is the better. You want to make sure your space feels authentic and calming all while having those key pieces. When we speak of key elements, we mean you want to have a cozy sofa, a few accent chairs, and even a small table. You want to create intimacy while still being chic, while the key is having a contemporary appeal, classic décor will never run out of style.

Keep it Open

For that classic open feel, you want to keep your furniture as minimal and sleek as possible.

An open layout will always be on-trend, especially when you’re working on displaying a contemporary style. Having an open layout works well because it allows you to move your décor as often and as much as you would like. You want to keep the area, airy and sleek while having just the right amount of furniture.

Tropical Vibe

Give your deck the tropical feel by having an array of greenery with just the right amount of other hues that feel tropical

Blend sleek white tones with rich, warmer hues and a few green bits for that tropical, resort feel that gives your deck a dreamy twist. Think of it as bringing a slice of vacation directly to your home, right where you need it. Doing so creates a magical ambiance that is accessible to you at any time of the day. Pair with vacation-like items such as lounge chairs to relax the space as much as possible.

Think Luxury

Facing your water makes your deck feel extra luxurious and chic. Think of it as an additional form of bringing a resort-like aesthetic.

If you have a deck that oversees the beach, a fun lake or even a river you want to look into using luxury bits. For a luxury, bit place your furniture directly facing your view. Your view should become the staple of the area. Having it as the staple ensures your space feels as upscale and luxurious as it possibly can.

Color at its Finest

When in doubt, use hues of blue. Blue works well in multiple different decorating styles and trends.

Want to add color to your deck? It’s simple! Bring in more greenery, an abundance of colors and an array of texure. You want to bring in as many plants as possible. Whether that be flowerpots or homegrown, organic plants you want to display them throughout your space. The key is having an abundance of green bits showcased to make the biggest impact in your decorating style.

Consider your deck, your next favorite place in your home! Communicate with us your ideas below.


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