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Cozy Idea for a Small Foyer Design

What a cozy idea for a small foyer design, by Geometrium. You know they say first impressions are everything. And your foyer is the first room your guests will see. There are two mirrors here, which helps enlarge the narrow entrance. There’s a place to sit to put on your shoes, or your boots – or take them off. There’s somewhere to store your shoes, a place to hang coats and a cupboard for more storage. You know how important it is in small spaces to be able to put things away. Otherwise, such a narrow spot could start to look crowded instead of cozy. And the picture in the red frame? It inspires you to start every day off right. Translation: The best thing to wear today is your smile. And possibly your shoes and coat!
cozy-idea-for -a-small-foyer-design-1.jpg

cozy-idea-for -a-small-foyer-2.jpg


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