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Cool Hanging Chair made of Volcanic Rock by Maffam Freeform

Not only is the Manu Nest by Maffam Freeform cool because it’s a hanging chair, but it’s also really cool because it’s made of volcanic rock! Yup. The material is called Basalt, a magmatic rock that renews itself very quickly through volcanic activity. It’s practically a limitless resource, which is why it’s a good material – a sustainable alternative for making furniture. Maffam Freeform uses Basalt fibers combined with ecoresin to create extremely lightweight and highly durable furniture pieces appropriate for interiors and exteriors – like the Manu Nest hanging chair here. What better place can you think of to hang out in? The design and texture of the material gives this chair a striking visual appeal and a somewhat elegant vibe. If you like the dramatic look of this piece, you may enjoy the rest of their unique garden furniture. Visit Maffam Freeform for more information.



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