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Cool Door Designs by K. Rashid

Check out these cool door designs by Karim Rashid. Staying true to the K. Rashid aesthetic agenda, the Sensunels door collection features fun graphics and a palette of punchy colors which offer lots of different modern looks – there’s something to suit every taste. The Free door lets you let loose in your decor with a vibrant pink-on-pink pattern and matching Blip door handle, also available in yellow-on-white and white-on-white. And if you like more variety in the mix, the Check door (above) features a collection of different graphics in a mix of colors great for a kids’ room. Futuristic, computer-generated motifs like the Seal and Veil doors are perfect for the home office or computer room, or put some extra energy into your games room or arcade. There’s even something for the more-sophisticated tastes – the Fend door featuring a classy wave pattern, available in dramatic black, flirty pink and a modern mirrored/grey finish. Check out this full collection of cool door designs by Karim Rashid, available from Dibi Group.

Free door
Seal door
Veil door
Fend door


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