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Contemporary Bathroom Faucets from Sanindusa offer a refreshing new take on design

Sanindusa Aple faucet
Sanindusa take real pride in producing contemporary bathroom faucets with incredible shapes which immediately demand a second (and third!) glance. The joy of a faucet that resembles nothing so closely as modern art is the interactive element that use of the piece entails. The WCA faucet emerges from a rectangular box, the spout curving gently and finishing abruptly with a blunt end. It features joystick operation for a pleasing, family friendly look. With a shape that few would typically associate with a faucet, the Aple surprises and delights users. The round shape stands proudly on a thick cylindrical stem, and the water flows forth when you turn a dial-type knob. Finally, the Kone tap continues the intriguing theme with its mix of milled and shiny cylindrical surfaces. Also functioning with a joystick, the Kone faucet’s distinguishing feature is the clever location of this handle right on the top. Enjoy this exciting new range of faucets: contact Sanindusa.
Sanindusa WCA faucet
Sanindusa Kone faucet

Sanindusa Aple bathroom faucet


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