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Contemporary Wall Unit by MisuraEmme – Monos modular wall system

Ideal for highly organised people (and those who’d like to be!) the Monos modular wall system is a stunning contemporary wall unit by MisuraEmme. With plenty of space for all of your entertainment system, a place for an integral flat-screen TV, a handy bar, and display areas for treasured possessions, this contemporary wall unit by MisuraEmme is the solution to uncluttering your living area. Broad expanses of reflective glass create the sleek and futuristic look of the wall unit, hiding and revealing items as you please. Being a modular system, the wall unit is flexible and easily adapted to your specific needs. MisuraEmme is a company looking to the future in other ways… they are proud of their low environmental impact through their use of MOS® technology. This varnishing technology involves water soluble solvents and, in short, the MOS® method of lacquer spraying eliminates the release of toxic particles into the air. MisuraEmme proves that cutting-edge style can indeed have a conscience.



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