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Contemporary Outdoor Furniture from Horchow

Artistic sculptural chairs, the contemporary outdoor furniture from Horchow features a unique and distinctive profile. Solid spherical tables are paired with open profile chairs creating a seating area with the beauty of a sculpture garden. The sweeping Horchow chair profile is created by a single bending line that allows you to comfortably recline. Made of metal and fibreglass, the Horchow outdoor furniture develops a wonderful patina full of blending colours. With a blonde burnished back and a dark colour-washed base, the Horchow outdoor furniture blends metal finishes for a sophisticated designer style. Specially designed to prevent heat retention, the Horchow Contemporary Outdoor Furniture is comfortable even in the heat of summer. The price is $1,849 for the chair and the table, while the chaise is $3,099. Horchow


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