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Kiev Loft Celebrates Love for Naked Wood and Bare Metal Furnishings

2B Group designed this Kiev, Ukraine loft around an open plan concept. and soft neutral color scheme. The social zone is a layered palette of pale on pale starting with the clear finished pale plank flooring. Layered onto this are bur bur area rugs in a soft sandy shade and then furnishings in soft shades of grey upholstery or additional pale woods. The walls and ceilings are white as are the lower cabinets in the kitchen with the uppers clad in a pale and medium toned wood. The overall feel of the layers is one of cozy comfort and peaceful serenity.

The foyer within the loft is uncluttered with only a pair of vignettes on either side of the entry leaving plenty of room for bicycles to come and go.
The vignette to the right of the entry is composed of a pale wood box stand with two similar yet different sculptures of vessel and 3d frame. Above them on the wall is a framed black on white poster. The vignette is void of color pops but makes a strong statement within its forms.
Just around the corner from this vignette is the kitchen. A bank of floor to ceiling white cabinets on one wall and lower white cabinets combined with pale to mid-toned wood upper cabinets on the other are balanced by a large pale wood island and wood block bar stools. Finishing off the look is a ceiling that sparkles with lights reminiscent of stars in a night sky.
The kitchen has access to an outdoor terrace on its far side and next to the terrace is the dining zone.
The dining zone features a large table made with 4x4s and a pendant collection of 6 light bulbs suspended casually from the ceiling in varying heights. The look has an almost picnic table atmosphere and that casual aesthetic is further enhanced by the relaxed group of paintings leaning against the wall.
Within the group of paintings is an empty red frame that picks up on the color within the two pieces behind the larger abstract.
Across from the kitchen is the living room and this is the largest of the social zones in the open concept floor plan. Here two low and extra deep couches bring in the cozy factor while more leaning paintings continue the casualness of the dining area.
A large wood post laying on its side is transformed into a low table that holds both media equipment and art.
Tucked into the corner, on the opposite side of a shared wall with the dining room is the home office. Here a wall of bookshelves is lit by photographers lighting and a pair of skis creates the wall art.
My favorite moment in the whole loft is the antique vice on the corner of the desk.
Instead of using a desk lamp, a floor lamp with directional lighting can be positioned exactly without infringing on the table surface.
Even though the office is completely exposed to the rest of the social zone, it maintains a sense of privacy within its niche.
The social zone was on one side of the foyer while the two bedrooms and bathrooms are on the other.
The blue bedroom has a beautiful industrial four poster bed powder coated in a royal blue. It’s a well chosen addition of color that is both vibrant and subtle.
The copper bedroom has the same industrial four-poster but this time the framework has been coated in copper. Blue also makes an appearance in the room via the art and accessories.
The collection of art is hung close together to read as one large painting rather then 25 individual pieces.
powder coated steel frames make their appearance in the main bathroom as well, only here they are a pop of rose red.
As with the bedrooms, bringing in color within steel framing is a bold and subtle addition to an otherwise neutral palette. Here in the shower the red livens up the space without overpowering it.
Across from the shower is the vanity. Also created with a steel framework, here the color is replaced with a simple black hue to let the beyond amazing oval trough sink shine in more ways then one. That sink is beyond awesome.
On the left side, under the counter is a free standing storage cabinet much the same as what is used with many office desks. With the trough sink off center on the counter, the cabinet creates an asymmetrical balance within the vanity.
A second bathroom in the apartment also features a show-stopping sink, but this time it leaves the subtle colors behind, choosing instead to make a pop art statement. Who knew a Castrol oil barrel could look so beautiful?
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