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Luxury Russian Design Apartment with Contemporary Flair

This medium size Russian family apartment is a nice demonstration of how to make the most out of design furniture and fixtures, precious materials and technology. The general preference throughout the apartment is for glossy and shiny finishes. The floor in the open area formed by the kitchen and the living room the floor in in glossy white epoxy resin. The main bedroom and the small study share the same flooring, whereas the in second bedroom and in the child’s room the designers and owners have favored the cozier antiqued oak hard floor. In the living room, the walls are paneled with glossy golden wood that integrate shelves and cabinets made from a matter and darker precious wood essence. One of these walls also ingrates a glossy black flat screen, which matches the floor-to-ceiling glossy black door that leads to the main bedroom. The same wood like the built-in shelves is used to create a counter that surrounds the wall separating the living room from the kitchen, and also part of the kitchen furniture. The wooden counter cantilevers on one side of the wall to create a bar like protrusion. The kitchen occupies two cornering walls and is separated from the living room by the dining table.
The living room couch in white leather has the shape of a giant loveseat.
The small office is separated from the living room by a glass wall with glass doors, and that serves only for sound insulation purposes. The Vitra and Cassina design furniture is completely visible through the transparency of the glass.
The wall to the left of the kitchen has built in wooden cupboards that serve for storage and also integrate an oven. The back wall has the main cooking block, with the cooker, the sink, the working surface and additional under the counter storage. This side is made of glossy white cupboards and stainless steel and stone counters. The hood is a very special stainless steel piece that has a big surface for steam and smell absorption but also an original shape.
The dining table is positioned between the kitchen and the living room and makes a smooth transition from one space to the other. It is made from a crystal top and square stainless steel legs, and surrounded by comfy armchairs in steel and white leather. An impressive long white pendant lamp hangs above the table.
The master bedroom boasts precious minimalism. The bed seems to float against the glossy wooden headboard. The headboard niche is framed by a structure that continues to the ceiling to integrate spot lamps and a ceiling hidden flat screen. The furry bed cover only adds to the preciousness of this room.
The other bedroom is immaculate white. The walls are covered in wavy white panels and mirrors. Interesting round shape for the queen bed.
The child’s room is neat in white and purple.
Wengé wood and white stone create a nice contrast in this double basin bathroom with bathtub. The triangular wooden step which helps getting into the tub is a very nice detail.
The shower and sanitary areas have integrated chroma therapy.


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