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Contemporary Lamp collection from Nichemodern – Blown Glass Pendants as Original as You Are!

Nichemodern Stargazer lamps
Stunning contemporary lamps from Nichemodern; the Stargazer, Bella, Encalmo Stamen and Pharos pendant ceiling lamps are something truly special. These lamps are lit from within with a tubular bulb that compels the viewer to take a second glance. The live lines of electricity within the bulb glow through the lamps, giving a modern look, and emphasizing the beautiful blown glass from which the lamps are made. All designed by Jeremy Pyles, the collection offers a fabulous range of whimsical shapes and colors to suit any taste. The Stargazer lamp was inspired by daydreams – and being an ‘impractical idealist’! Its quirky shape is certainly unconventional – it’s the type of lamp a Stargazer would certainly covet. The Pharos lamp is shown here in transparent and opaque, each with a unique charm. The Pharos is named after the ancient tower whose light warned sailors of shoals. The Encalmo Stamen incorporates two distinct colors fused into one squared shape, ‘encalmo’ being the Italian word for fusing two glass bubbles into one. The Bella lamp is perhaps the simplest lamp of the collection, it is light, elegant and small… suitable for intimate corners. Chic, sophisticated style is embodied in Jeremy Pyles’ magical collection of pendant lamps brought to you by Nichemodern, ranging from USD $395 for the Pharos to $1,195 for the Encalmo Stamen. Splash out on a cluster!
Nichemodern Pharos lamps clear
Nichemodern Pharos lamps
Nichemodern Encalmo Stamen lamps

Nichemodern Bella lamp


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