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Contemporary Kitchen Faucet from Arwa – Arwa-Twinflex faucet

A splash of color and style makes the Arwa-Twinflex contemporary kitchen faucet from Arwa an attractive addition to any modern kitchen. The contemporary kitchen faucet is a practical luxury that comes in a chrome finish, with the clean and hygienic “Trigon” system that saves water with every use. Whether you prefer a bright orange, a pigeon-blue, a beige-grey or a black spout is up to you, each brings the convenience of a highly innovative flexible spout system. Groundbreaking technology combines the classic faucet Arwa-Twin with this unusual spout, making the Arwa-Twinflex a design with a difference. Now water can be directed exactly where you need it, every time. Accent your home with the fun and eye-catching design of the Arwa-Twinflex from Arwa.


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