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Contemporary Garden Design by Amir Schlezinger, London – beautiful and highly liveable

Amir Schlezinger of Mylandscapes, London, designed this contemporary garden as a social space. Beautiful yet highly liveable, this Regent’s Park garden design extends interior space into relaxing outdoors full of serenity. ” … the benches correspond with the shape of the indoor fireplace, while the Ipe hardwood continues the lines of the flooring. The granite waterfall creates reflections on the surrounding walls – contrasting dramatically with the narrow bands of buff sandstone.”

Well placed greenery and a waterfall mask the surrounding sounds of traffic and noise. Tiles and hardwood accompany each other as well as draw the eyes along the borders of the garden. The bamboo and other trees add an elegant and warm tone to the design. A great designer can take any modern space and create a warm yet spacious feeling. Schlezinger did just that. This contemporary London garden is full of beauty and calm. Mylandscapes Garden Design.
Photographs by Jerry Harpur.


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