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Contemporary Faucets from Giulini – Gio faucets with Swarovski Crystal

There’s something wonderfully innocent and playful about the Gio faucet, a contemporary faucet from Giulini. Perhaps it’s the clear and colorful temperature signifying dots of this contemporary faucet that make it appear so engagingly unsophisticated. But the entire design has a naive and candid appeal… the spout appears foreshortened, and the handles entirely functional with their easy-to-grip scalloped edges. Yet, lightheartedness aside – the faucet offers serious precision and high quality. And upon closer examination, the multi-hued dots turn out to be made of adult-friendly STRASS Swarovski Crystal. Available in a range of free-standing and wall-mounted options, and in a variety of finishes, the Gio faucet from Giulini is both likable and tempting.


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