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Contemporary Constructivist Moscow Apartment

This bold Moscow apartment by Netherlands-based Kate Hume Design and Frans van der Heijden is inspired by the “constructivist” movement. It oozes saturated colors, sumptuous textiles, sculptural furniture and art adorning every spare surface. The apartment is a pied-a-terre owned by a film producer and his wife – an apt, airy and artful escape for a creative couple with an obvious affinity for the finer things in life. The apartment was inspired by Russian architect Melnikov, who designed according to the revolutionary constructivist movement circa 1920 – which saw art and architecture as a social statement. Engineering and modern technology came together, characterized by an abstract, cubist, three-dimensional vision.

The open concept layout enjoys subtleties which define its various living spaces, like the raised platform of the living area.
One thing’s for certain – these homeowners are not afraid of a little color, or a lot of it for that matter! Solid hues with understated textures appear in the bold blue rug, purple seating, green curtains and artwork. Each piece stands on its own – and adds to the overall eclectic aesthetic.
The dining area will lure you in with promises of friends and feasts, but you’ll stay for the sights. From the unusual lighting elements overhead, to the screaming (literally) artwork on the back wall, it’s indeed an amazing eyeful.
Built-in shelves create a nook for function and fashion, used to display artwork and some essential reading.
A curious collection is lined up along the rear wall. Art? Furniture? Perhaps a bit of both. A stop-dead-in-your-tracks red piece intrigues, transforming into a table by folding down the top.
A lamp and chair transform the built-in console table in the hallway into an impromptu desktop.
The elegant, chevron-patterned wood floors continue from the living and dining areas into the kitchen. A stunning emerald green chandelier hangs above the rustic style kitchen table.
Complementing the rustic wood table, these industrial style stools complete the kitchen’s warm, eclectic style.
The master bedroom combines warm, velvety grays with vibrant pops of yellow in its accessories. The sunny hued seat and ottoman, and the bright artwork on display become instant focal points.
The shelving unit, though substantial in size, is light thanks to its open frame and low cabinets.
This trendy but timeless gray and yellow combo is a welcome addition to this all-but-sleepy space.
The bathroom is a whirlwind of graphics and patterns. Different sized tiles are highlighted by their dark grout, while underfoot, floors feature a surprising starburst design.
A secondary bedroom is dressed in purple and blue. The bedside lamps are as sculptural as they are practical.
A small but inspiring work station is framed in fine furniture and artwork.
Another bathroom features an intriguing graphic tile pattern that really jumps out at you. Love!
For more information, visit Kate Hume Design.


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