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Contemporary bathroom cabinet from Lido – the Majik modular bathroom furniture

The Majik modular bathroom furniture allows you to create an ideal vanity that responds to the environment around it. Each drawer unit is independent allowing you to stack them irregularly for a dynamic design that makes the most of any space. For narrow rooms the drawers can be stacked in a simple elegant column and then topped with an integrated Kubic basin for a contemporary bathroom cabinet. Along long walls, the drawers can be staggered and stacked to provide a multilevel vanity that mixes both colour and size. Units can accommodate up to three drawers between the counter and floor, and are available in three different widths. Finished in brilliant polished enamels, Majik bathroom cabinets are perfect plinths on which to display elegant freestanding vessels. Created by Lido, the Majik modular bathroom cabinets bring vibrant solid color to versatile modular furniture creating a wonderful European bathroom cabinet.



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