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Contemporary Bath Suite by Disegno Ceramica – new Tratto

Smooth, gently rounded shapes form the new Tratto bathroom – a contemporary bathroom from Disegno Ceramica destined to become a modern classic. The look of the Tratto bathroom is beautifully balanced, and remarkably easy-on-the-eye, giving a sense of harmony. Serenity and peacefulness can be found in the clean lines of the suite (which are reminiscent of familiar, more traditional bathroom designs) yet the Tratto bathroom is unarguably up to date. Comprised of matching bidet, toilet and sink, the Tratto bathroom offers versatility: choose from various wall-hung or floor mounted options, and a toilet with or without a cistern. There is even an eye-catching mirror designed specially to complement the bathroom. Suitable for those who recognise that sophisticated style is often understated, the Tratto contemporary bathroom is available from Disegno Ceramica.



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