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Outdoor Shower by Conmoto – the Under the Tree garden shower

Wonderfully modern and practical, the Conmoto Outdoor Shower has a slender geometric form. Like a small tree the Under the Tree garden shower above you, reaching out a short branch to release an arching spray of water. The tree’s other branches are ideal for hanging towels and clothes, providing a single practical solution for your outdoor showers needs. Designed by Michael Sieger, the Under the Tree garden shower is kept in place by a single ground spike and consists of two pieces for convenient storage and mobility. With water supplied by a commercial garden hose, the stainless steel Conmoto Outdoor Shower is a flexible free standing fixture that can be placed anywhere in your garden. A refreshing rain like shower that offers flexibility and versatility for your garden, Conmoto offer the Outdoor Shower for $3,600.



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