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Concrete Socket Lights by NUD

nud concrete light 1 thumb 630x743 14902 Concrete Socket Lights by NUD

Concrete socket lights – what an unusual fixture for industrial spaces. Can’t you just see these lights in a SoHo loft? This flexible luminary piece adjusts to any length and the cord is available in 44 different colors and styles. The ultimate industrial pendant with opportunity to personalize by color and length. And colors range from neon pink to zebra skin to emerald to copper – a wide variety for every possible space. And another bonus: you never need a shade, the socket is the star. Choose from a wide array of bulbs to personalize the experience even more! The devil is in the details, according to NUD architect and designer Mies van der Rohe. And NUD has chosen rough concrete details for this item, exposing the creeks in the cement to get that ultimate industrial feel. But what else than simplistic perfection could you expect from one of Sweden’s great pendant light design houses?

nud concrete light 2 thumb 630x472 14904 Concrete Socket Lights by NUD

Ganging the cement socket pendant lights creates an even more spectacular design statement.


The Zebra Skin and Blue cords.
More information: NUD



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