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Concrete + Metal + Glass is the winning combination, and this modern house in Madrid, Spain is the proof – built in just 7 days, with a pool in the sky

There is no limit to what modern architects can do using concrete, metal and glass in their designs … Inspired by a Greek mythical paradise for the senses, House Hemeroscopium in Las Rozas, Madrid, is a real heaven on earth indeed. Designed by the architects at Ensamble Studio, this modern luxury home is a substantial concrete and glass structure that stands out on the horizon. The multi-layered and balanced composition of the house gives it a modern-industrial feel, with raw-looking construction beams and dark tinted glass making up the home’s facade. The home’s second level is perched atop the main floor and surrounded by a rooftop deck overlooking the expansive grounds. A heavy concrete pool is cantilevered at the home’s second storey, breaking the rules of gravity and seeming to float weightlessly in the open sky. A year of engineering allowed this cool, contemporary house to be physically built in just seven days, thanks to prefab technology. Ensamble Studio
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