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Concrete Home Surrounded by Vineyard features Shades of Brown

concrete homesurrounded vineyard shades brown 1 site thumb 630xauto 39161 Concrete Home Surrounded by Vineyard features Shades of Brown

The Magliocco House is located in Chamoson, Valais, Switzerland and was designed by Savioz Fabrizzi Architectes to take advantage of the vineyard, valley and mountain views. Set on a picturesque slope the materials and design aesthetic chosen where carefully selected to allow the home to settle into its natural landscape. There is a partially underground cellar that acts as a central base to the social and private zones above that cantilever out from the cellar via a wrap around terrace.

concrete homesurrounded vineyard shades brown 2 site thumb 630xauto 39163 Concrete Home Surrounded by Vineyard features Shades of Brown

The land the home sits on is slightly sloped with the cellar level exposed on one side and completely buried on the other. The main volume of the home is both ground level and one storey up and the terrace that surrounds the home is built around a shady tree that extends vertically creating a living sculpture to the outdoor zone.


The terrace is protected with a tempered glass rail system on the sections that extend out from the slope. The terrace is part of a concrete slab that connects the home to the ground on the north. The roof is also a concrete slab and it incorporates a series of large canvas awnings around the perimeter of the roof for heat protection.


Both the exterior an the interior incorporate autumn colours into the design aesthetic to help tie the home into its surrounding landscape. While the exterior is a deep shade of maple leaves, the interior is a softer sienna hue.


low maintenance plants surround the lower volume and a specimen maple tree ties in with the chosen hue used on the home.


The high end of the slop is almost level with the entry and a sloped ramp style concrete pad – is an extension to the floor slab of the home, leads to the entry door.


Inside the home, the private rooms are contained within boxes that are all slightly askew from each other. Surrounding these boxes are the open, “daytime” spaces. Just beside the foyer a flight of stairs leads down to the cellar level.


The interior spaces are full of sienna coloured boxes that sparkle with the light flooding through the large expanses of glazings. The juxtaposition of the warm brown hue on the walls and the cool grey of the concrete creates a cozy atmosphere in a minimalist setting.


The kitchen, while not in one of the private rooms in a box, has the visual of being two boxes with its large dropped ceiling section mirroring the island below.


The kitchen has a wall of full height storage hidden on the outside of one of the boxes, whie another section of full height cabinetry features the double ovens on another one of the boxes.


Even the doors and trim are the same colour as the walls to help affirm the box aesthetic.


Just beyond the kitchen, the family room is located next to the stairwell that leads down to the cellar.


The cellar is a series of interconnected rooms.


Insulated glazings, thermal insulation and a geothermal heat pump are all incorporated into the design of Magliocco House.
Savioz Fabrizzi Architectes

Photography by Thomas Jantscher



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