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Concrete Home Designs – minimalist in Germany

This concrete home design by Atelier ST is located on an urban block of Zwickau, Germany, built on a hillside overlooking the river below. The contemporary, cubic facade of concrete and glass stands in sharp contrast to the surrounding traditional homes, but is the perfect prologue to its ultra-modern minimalist interiors, where a chic white palette is punctuated by pockets of hot red and natural hardwood. Wide windows flood the living spaces with light, further enhancing their sense of space and openness. The open-concept floor plan offers an easy flow from room to room, but the layout of the home allows for privacy, in spite of its openness. An elegant staircase leads from the foyer to the upper landing, where a semi wall lets you overlook the entrance below. Atelier ST
via Contemporist
photo credit: Bertram Bolkow
concrete home designs zwickau germany 1 Concrete Home Designs   minimalist in Germany
concrete home designs zwickau germany 9 Concrete Home Designs   minimalist in Germany




One thought on “Concrete Home Designs – minimalist in Germany

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