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Concrete Furniture with Pockets for Living Plants by Opiary

What better way to view this amazing collection of indoor / outdoor furniture by Opiary then on an outdoor Country Terrace that not only did Opiary design, but also oversaw the construction of. Set in a field amongst crop circles and paths, the setting highlights the new and modern aesthetic presented in Opiary’s Drillium lounger and chair as well as in their Caldera coffee table, the Godoo stacks and the Chandeloid.

Even from a distance its easy to see the unique aspects of the Opiary collections, from the voids within the Drillium collection to the soft and subtle plantings within the various incorporated planting pockets of the concrete furniture.
The planting pockets within the various Opiary furnishings are carefully designed to be just a kiss of Mother Nature.
Opiary’s Queen Anne Table is a stunning example of innovation, craft and design. Its concrete base and cedar tabletop is amazing enough but add in the planting pockets and its to a whole other level. Wouldn’t it be fun to fill the plant pockets with ground hugging herbs?
The Eero Table features only one plant pocket – albeit a much larger one then the rest of the Opiary collection. Its like a planter and table in one and there’s no fear of the plant soil spilling onto food or drinks thanks to the raised design of the tabletop.
The Drillium lounger, like the rest of the collection is hand made in the US and it’s concrete finish is polished to a smooth suede finish. Made from a galvanized steel armature coated in multiple layers of increasingly fine resin fortified cement, the cement comes in four choices of finish; Anthracite, Chalk, Portland and Punalu’u cement. The lounger is 88″x48″x42″.
The Drillium Club Chair and Lounger take their design cues from aircraft construction and bones and like the rest of the Opiary collection they are clean, strong visceral designs that are as at home outdoors as they are inside.
The curvaceous form of both the Drillium lounger and club chair is designed to cradle the contours of the user – know matter what size she/he is – and the sculptural silhouettes and abstracted geometry of the voids are beautiful whether the removable cushions are used or not. The Drillium chair is 38″x32″x29″
The Eero table base is the same hand made and polished concrete as used in the Drillium pieces and comes in the same four cement finish choices. The raised tabletop can be either tempered glass as shown here or marble, or cedar wood. Eero is also weather proof and rust resistant.
The Queen Anne table takes its shape from the traditional Queen Anne furniture but presents it in a modern updated format that includes those amazing plant pockets at all four corners and midway down its length. This all weather, rust proof table has the same concrete construction and finishes as the other Opiary pieces and comes with either a cedar wood, Stainless Steel or Zinc tabletop.
The concrete furniture in the Opiary collections all have exceptional strength and durability perfect for any location, even exposed high rise roof tops. The pieces are all polished to a smooth suede finish and each sport planting pockets for that little extra touch sophistication.


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