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Compact Loft amazing transformation …

Check out this cool space for compact loft design ideas! Architect Juan Pablo Rosenberg undertook the restoration and modernization of a historical building. The original 70-sq.-ft. ground-floor apartment was poorly divided, and equipped with a living room, two compact bedrooms, a kitchen, bathroom, and just two windows. The architect transformed these dark and cramped quarters into an amazing contemporary style loft with light-filled spaces full of eclectic charm and contemporary style. By expanding the windows and creating an open concept house plan, interiors are now bright, naturally lit spaces. The open concept home design divides the living room from the bedroom by a white curtain, offering privacy when closed or a wide-open feel when drawn. The bathroom was inspired by Japanese design, and features a wooden tub enclosed by a white curtain. Exposed pipes add an authentic, vintage feel to the contemporary loft, complementing the exposed painted brick walls. One thing is for certain – this compact loft design is huge on style! Juan Pablo Rosenberg
via At Casa
Compact Loft by Architect Juan Pablo Rosenberg



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