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Compact Curled Wood House makes a sculptural, functional garden feature

It’s okay to go small when you do it with flair – such is the case with this compact “curled” wood house designed by Platform 5 Architects. This design caught our eye with its unusual elliptical shell made of wood, and glass face that gives the world a sneak peek at what’s inside. Here’s the grand tour of this small but sweet space.

Set in London, England, the aptly dubbed Shoffice is a combination shed and office, but in our opinion, it would make a great little getaway for any purpose – reading and relaxing, work at home, hobbies, a guest house or an extension of your own living space. Whatever suits your fancy.
The sculptural structure was designed as a garden feature, and so it becomes a fabulous focal point among the lush landscaping, complementing it with its natural materials and organic silhouette. The natural wood cladding extends its way down to form a deck on the lawn in front of the glazed entrance.
The wood shell and negative space resulting from the glass facade creates the look of a whimsical wood curl.
Inside, the curved walls meld into the ceiling and floor, all oak lined in tune with the exterior materials. This space is divided into an office and garden shed. With skylights above the desk (a glazed window) and topping the workshop (an open cut-out), the interior is flooded with natural light that brings out the warm, honey colored wood.
Underfoot, the garden shed also boasts a grass floor – an unexpected yet totally appropriate element.
Platform 5 Architects
Via Contemporist


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