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Colourfully Creative Freestanding Sink Basins by Alexander Lasferza

Handcrafted in Italy, these free standing sinks are both earthy and colourful in appearance for an overall aesthetic that suggests natural materials but is actually created with baked clay that has been covered with cement paste before a final layer of coloured waxed is applied. I love the earthy colours, not too bright and yet not too muted either.

If you prefer storage with your sink, this combo vanity and vessel are the perfect answer. The asymmetrical layout creates a fun juxtaposition between positive and negative space and using the same clay/cement/wax composition of both the vessel sink and the drawer fronts is just awesome.
I really like the fun towel support that casually hooks over the edge of the sink. Made from the same material as the legs and framework of the cabinetry, the combination of the steely grey framework, the clay/cement/wax material.
Inspired by nature, warm colours and family, these Alexander Lasferza sinks are colourfully creative, visually dynamic and definitely awesome.
Alexander Lasferza Factory


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