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Colour and Wood bring Outdoor Atmosphere Into Home

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Anik Peloquin recreated the interior of a home in Montreal, Quebec, Canada to feel like a continuation of the outdoor landscaping. While many architects and designers bring the outdoors inside with the use of large window glazings, Anika did not stop there and continued the effect by using the colours of tree leaves on the walls and accessories, while also bringing in the woodsy tones of the tree trunks with wood and the sunlit reflections with the use of white. The complete composition creates a home with an organic feel full of light, colour and texture.

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From the outside, the residence is clad in the traditional brick of the area, but a few sections of vertical wood siding add an element of contemporary geometry that breaks up the façade, creating both visual interest and a stronger connection to the landscape that surrounds it. This attachment to the landscape is further enhanced with the addition of a climbing vine on the corner of the building.


The back of the home has been expanded on and within the addition, large expanses of window glazings allow uninterrupted views of the landscaping to enter the interior zones. The addition breaks from the traditional brick facade and is instead completely clad in horizontal wood siding.


A section of the original home has had the brick replaced with vertical siding similar to the detail on the front of the home.


the space between the new and old part of the facade has been fitted with a new deck that leads off of both the kitchen and the dining rooms.


The dining room is in the new addition of the home, and the space created is large enough to hold a table for 10 with plenty of room to move around it. Since the concept is to bring the outdoors inside, Anik Peloquin chose a dining table with a top made out of one large, singular wood plank.


The wall opposite the window glazings is painted in a saturated apple green and the light fixture over the table is an organic creation of leaf formations finished in a bold berry red.


Leading off of the dining room and also fronting the deck is the kitchen. Here the pops of apple green and berry red continue, but instead of a natural wood plank on the floor, the kitchen is covered in 12″x24″ stone tiles. A slab of granite on the island repeats the grey of the floor, the green of the walls and the cabinetry wood tones within its veining.


The kitchen in this residence used to include the dining area, but with the addition moving the dining area into its own location, the kitchen is now filled with extra cabinetry and prep space – it is now a kitchen where one or two people can easily help out the chef without intruding on each others work zone.


The living room incorporates the same wood planking as the dining room and repeats the apple green wall colour on the fireplace wall. For a contemporary twist Anik Peloquin opted out of the standard black fireplace that either sits on the floor or is suspended from the ceiling. Instead she chose a stunning red cube with a Stainless Steel interior that sits casually on the media console.
Anik Peloquin
Photography by Marc Cramer



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