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Alluring coffee table styling ideas that make all the difference

With a combination of plants, books and even candles having a coffee table can instantly become cluttered if you don’t take the necessary steps. The idea of having a coffee table comes from wanting to embrace the room and give it a chic focal point where and when you need it most. Furthermore, you might think there is no creative way of decorating your coffee table, but there is, and we are about to share them with you. Here we highlight enthralling ways to add just the right amount of flair to your coffee table.

Contemplate a Glass-Topped Table

Is there anything more charming than glass? We think not which is why we love the idea of having two glass table

When you want to showcase specific items, yet don’t want to change up your entire décor, using a glass-topped table is the way to go. Not only are they great to look at, make excellent furniture pieces, but they add an instant touch of charm. It’s all most as if they come to life when you add other key pieces such as books, candles, flowers and other charming bits including colorful plants. Furthermore, it enables a balance that is felt and seen throughout.

Large Pieces

Large coffee tables, work because they embrace the room overall. Bring in multiple large pieces to fully make the room have a modern contrast.

If having traditional décor isn’t your thing and you would like to bring something a bit more charming and bold- adding a large piece is the way to go. It’s all about adding one or two large pieces that make the room feel new. Furthermore, these large pieces instantly have a welcoming, eye-catching feel. Bring in a large plant, a bold fixture or even both for the ultimate appeal that enhances the room overall.

Sentimental Touch

Use a blend of books to fully embrace the room and make it come to life. It also enables you to give your guests something to read.

Whether you bring in a photo album, a book that has your family history or even just a photo, adding a sentimental touch makes anything feel new and fresh. Furthermore, it’s a statement piece that instantly adds a touch of charm. You can almost say, having a sentimental touch forces you to truly have conversations about your décor and the meaning behind every piece.


Get as creative as possible when it comes to your coffee table to truly make the room feel new. Use multiple sized tables for the perfect contrast

Something is intriguing about having a unique coffee table. Whether that is constructed in a unique shape, or it’s made out of exclusive material, you want the uniqueness of the table itself to be the main focus of the room. Doing so will instantly elevate the space completely even if you don’t change anything else. It’s all about being as put together and intricate with your table as possible.

Go, White

Just because you are going white doesn’t mean it needs to be boring. Go the contemporary route to truly make the room feel new and fresh.

When in doubt, always consider white. If you are an active reader of ours then you know we have a love affair with white décor. Not only does it look great whenever and wherever it is placed, but it simply works with any décor. When going for a white coffee table, consider placing it in a monochromatic palette. Not only will that enhance the room’s appeal, but it will brighten the room overall. Furthermore, the white will make the room come to life in a chic type of way.

Minimal Yet Heavy with Furniture

The smaller your table the larger the couches you use will appear its all about making that contrast feel as bold as possible.

It’s all about creating a contrast in the room, and what better way to do so then to go minimal with your coffee table and heavy with your furniture. The ability to create a seamless contrast works in any size room. This is mainly due to how essential it is to make the room feel like one even when you have the room filled with other essential items. Keep it chic and charming by adding portraits and images that add character to the room.

Elevate it

Use a lifted coffee table to make a statement where it matters most. It will make a contrast in an easy yet chic manner.

Not all coffee tables have to be on the floor, but they don’t necessarily need to be extremely high, sometimes they simply need to be elevated. Having an elevated coffee table is perfect for those that want a little something extra that isn’t on the ground yet don’t want to go overboard with the height of their table. It’s all about creating a chic contrast that makes sense to the room overall.

Statement, Table

Bring in a unique shaped table to truly make that statement without taking away from what you already have.

If your room needs a little something extra, bringing a large statement piece is key. Consider using a table that comes naturally with some sort of statement element to makes the room feel sort of put together. Furthermore, a statement table will enhance the room overall. It’s all about giving the room welcoming feel while still having some sort of edge. Bring an edgy touch by simply allowing the room to feel as if the table is the main focus.

More than One Table

Instead of using two unique tables bring one of the same twice to fully enable the room to feel fresh. While still being chic

Instead of just having one coffee table, why not have two? The idea of having two coffee table comes into play when you want to create a chic, modern appeal. Modern comes into play when you want to create something new and fresh in a room. Consider using two tables that are of different sizes. Having this element will further showcase how expansive the room will feel.

Accent Stools

The simple act of having stools will instantly bring a cozy feel to the room. Furthermore, having it anywhere in the room will double up the space.

Consider taking your accent coffee table to the next level by bringing in accent stools. Stools add just the right amount of modern while converting the table into an additional seating area. It’s all about making a contrast where you want it most. Nevertheless, the stools will make the room feel almost seamless in a way. It’s about enhancing the room and giving the space a chic charm that’s a bit rustic.

When it comes to coffee tables which of these ideas are you most excited about trying? Share with us below.


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