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Coffee station ideas to help you make the perfect cup of java

Anyone who has to wake up early in the morning knows there is nothing quite like getting the day started with a cup of coffee. The smell itself is one of the greatest smells in the world, it not only puts you in a good mood, but it makes you feel as if your day is off to a good start. However, not all of us can simply make a cup of Joe and go sometimes we want the entire experience of selecting a cup that we like and making the perfect coffee as well. If that is the case, here are coffee station ideas for a coffee lover in your home.

Message on the Wall

Bring a sign that will remind you how grateful and happy you are to own the space you are in.

Bring in a message or two to your coffee space to truly make the room feel as if it was coming to life. You can almost make your wall message the main focus of the room. Furthermore, it enables you to truly keep a positive message on the wall that makes a statement yet leaves you feeling positive throughout the day.

Create a Coffee House

Display the kinds of coffee you have and write it down just like a coffee shop would for that authentic feel.

While it might just be your kitchen you can create a coffee house experience. Do so by bringing in a coffee machine that serves the coffee, latte, espresso and/or both and enables it to become the focus of that area. Pair with multiple cups, bottles of creamer, and sugar so you and your guests can immerse in the world of a good cup of coffee without having to leave the home. A win-win for all.

Keep it Simple

Keeping simple doesn’t mean being boring, it means taking every bit of your display into perspective and making the most out of the room

One of the main things you want to focus on is making good coffee; therefore, if you have a good coffee maker you are all set. This is when keeping it simple comes into play. Instead, of having machines, on top of machines, bring multiple cups and display them. Furthermore, keep the space as minimal as possible for the perfect contrast.


Bring as many items as possible to make the room feel as luxurious as possible without taking away from it overall

Consider going as luxurious as possible, this might look different to many as some might consider luxury having the best appliances, and others might not. The idea is to have the best of the best and making it feel as grand as possible. Nevertheless, you want to bring in as many coffee related appliances as possible. Consider having a frothier to truly give your kitchen that lavish feel.

Splash of Color

If you don’t want to add too much color bring in stools, not only will it give you a second form of seating but it makes bringing different shades easier.

Bringing color to any part of your room is always a good idea, it’s the perfect way to ensure you bring your personality into the mix. Display your coffee station on a colorful table to truly make a statement. Additionally, bring in colorful cups, utensils and such to make the room feel as filled with personality as possible. It’s the perfect way of making a small section of your kitchen has a bit of a personal touch.

Rustic Touch

Stick to simple and minimal when you are going for a classic rustic touch in the kitchen

If you have ever been into rustic decor yet aren’t sure to achieve it in your kitchen, bringing a rustic touch to your coffee station is the way to go. To do just that you want to enable the room to feel cozy, sleek and even romantic. Display it by bringing an abundance of wood items and have them as the main focus of your area.


For that timeless feel tuck, your station in an area that is noticed yet not as obvious doing so will further showcase the room

In the instance, that you love your kitchen decor already, you do not want your coffee station to change it, instead, you want to bring a timeless approach. Do that by bringing an organize shelving display. Having one immediately creates a homey feel that’s timeless and effortless. Bring in small shelves to complete the look overall, while giving you enough space to display your favorite cups, tumblers or both.

Chalkboard Wall

The brighter and larger your board the better, for that expansive feel

If you truly want to make a statement and leave messages as part of your coffee space, bring in a chalkboard wall. Chalkboard walls are great! They not only make the room instantly feel sleek and modern while still having a rustic touch. It’s almost as if you get the coffee shop right into your living room, giving you a fun twist that makes sense to the room. It brings your coffee station to the forth front of your decor. Add a plant or two to complete the look overall.

Focus on Your Cups

Bring fun cups to truly complete the appeal

One of the main reasons why having a coffee station works because of the different cups. Cups are a huge component, you will be using them time and time again. So you want to display your best cups only. It’s all about bringing your favorite cups and having them right when and where you need the best. Whether that is done, through shelving or by having them simply sitting down it is completely up to you.

Your Stand is Important

Keep your stand sleek to create a grand approach

Do not forget your stand. You want to consider where your coffee station will be displayed. Consider using a colorful stand to make a statement in the room. Furthermore, it’s an excellent way of making your station the one place where your display is seen and felt. Play with other brightening bits to ensure your stand feels fresh every time someone walks in.

Which of these ideas is your personal favorite share with us below?


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