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Cocoon Beach offers Stylish Outdoor Lounging

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Cocoon Tree has created the orb shaped Cocoon Beach as the perfect place to lounge around on a warm sunny day whether beach side, poolside or even in a pastured landscape. Built with a high density T6 aluminum framework that is then woven with waterproof straw and synthetic wire, the sphere comes with two foam mattresses covered with Sunbrella water resistant fabric and two sets of curtains – a blackout inner curtain and a light tulle outer curtain.

cocoon beach offers stylish outdoor lounging 2 thumb 630x474 30100 Cocoon Beach offers Stylish Outdoor Lounging

At 7.2ft or 2.2m in diameter, the Cocoon Beach offers the ultimate in shade and comfort and at 264.5lbs (120kg) it is still light enough to be repositioned to take advantage of the best views. When the sun goes down, the mattresses are comfortable enough and large enough for a relaxing sleep under the stars.


The waterproof straw covering woven through the aluminium framework is as pretty from the inside as it is from the outside and the two layers of curtains give you the option of a private or semi private retreat.


The two mattresses conform to the shape of the cocoon and combined are wide enough for more then one to enjoy at the same time. So whether enjoying an intimate moment with a loved one or having fun with friends, the Cocoon Beach creates the perfect outdoor moment.
Cocoon Tree
Available through Ahalife



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